Vladimir Nicolae SAMOILĂ ×

Operations Manager
Vladimir coordinates all project management teams and assures assistance to beneficiaries startingtendering stage up to project completion. He has more than 25 years professional experience as Project Manager performing in all civil engineering fields (retail, offices, shopping centers, residential etc) and as senior manager in FIDIC contracts (Red Book, Yellow Book, etc).See more →


Commercial Manager
Rudolf is overseeing the commercial side of the Project from the outline of the Project until Close-Out and agreement of the Final Accounts. He is MRICS chartered internationally trained Commercial Manager with background in Mathematics and General Management. In the construction phase, he is in charge with contract administration, change and claims management up to project completion.See more →

Valentin MOCANCEA ×

Construction Project Manager
He is responsible for works progress, value engineering, cost variations and quality control. He is in charge with the delivery of turn key projects. He has more than 12 years professional experience in construction management, project management and design activities starting tendering stage up to final completion of the project. Valentin is MRICS certified as a SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER and BREEAM INTERNATIONAL ASSESORSee more →

Aurel ILINCA ×

Certified architect in compliance with the Law no. 184/2001 in civil engineering domain and architecture, he has more than 16 years as licensed and providing design services and construction project administration, including permitting and site supervision. Aurel also performs activities related to fit out works for tenants and big brands in shopping malls.See more →

Valentin SILVEANU ×

Project Manager
Valentin is responsible for project general management, tendering related to work packages for architects and engineers, coordinates technical planning, elaborates contractual documentation and tender’s evaluation. He has more than 20 years professional experience in construction management acting as Project Manager. He has a background in projects related to water and waste water supply systems, heating systems both in Romania as well as abroad.See more →

Marcel BREAZU ×

MEP Manager
Installations engineer for construction and rehabilitation projects related to water and thermic installations for industrial and civil work projects with more than 20 years professional experience. Marcel verifies also the compliance and validity of quality materials and works, such as technical documents, certificates and test laboratories results. Manages the construction process related to mechanical, electrical and installations domain.See more →

Samuel DUMITRU ×

Tenant Coordinator/Architect
Samuel provides services related to design for architecture works for all phases DTAC, PT, DDE etc, tenant’s coordination and fit out works for tenants for large commercial centres, including negotiations for technical and financial solutions to meet the beneficiary’s requests. He has more than 16 years professional experience in architecture and design services.See more →

Razvan MITREA ×

Tenant Coordinator/Architect
Licensed and certified architect in design and architecture with more than 15 years professional experience Razvan is an experienced Project Manager and he is involved in the fit-out works for tenants, he coordinates architecture and all design specialities for all phases of a project as well as specific details.See more →

Alexandru BACSEI ×

Project Manager
Our youngest but dedicated and determined civil engineer, is involved in design services, planning, budgeting , cost and commercial aspects of contracts as well as bill of quantities, he elaborates and negotiates work contracts. Alexandru is involved in the construction and project management part of the projects.See more →

Victor GORUN ×

Site Inspector
Certified site inspector with over 20 years of professional experience in civil engineering and coordination for works execution. He has a hands-on attitude to work and he is a team player. He is proactive and pays careful attention to details requirements. Directly responsible for managing the preparation of the construction technical book.See more →

Ovidiu GALAN ×

Civil Construction Manager
Responsible for overseeing all onsite and offsite constructions, to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations, coordinating and directing construction workers and subcontractors with over 20 years of construction experience and 8 years in project management. Reliable and trustworthy, punctual and determined to use his knowledge in successfully closing out major projects.See more →

Vasile DĂRĂBAN ×

MEP Manager
Certified as security systems engineer and technical responsible with installations supervision, with more than 17 years professional experience in design and execution of civil works, coordination and site supervision works for sanitary and thermo installations as well as sewage.See more →


Office Manager
more than 12 years professional experience in engineering and consultancy domain with regard to contract management for public and private clients, preparation of bids for national / international donors and contract negotiation, legal activities, payments, HR and financial activities.See more →

Gabriela ABUR ×

H&S Manager
HSSE expert with more than 22 years of experience (national and international) on health and safety management in construction and oil and gas field in accordance to national regulations and OHSAS:18001requirements. Prepare, implement, monitor and review company H&S management system, auditing, reporting, training, strategy development for increasing the level of H&S awareness amongst all site employees, contractor’s management policies and procedures, incident/accident investigations.See more →

Mihai Cristian TUDOR ×

MEP Manager
more than 30 years professional experience in coordination and site supervision works, for mechanical, electrical and installations works. He is also recorded as a site inspector for civil works 2.3 domain, sanitary installations and thermo 8.2 domain, electrical installations 8.1 domain as well as technical expert for domain 1 civils.See more →


Construction Manager
Site inspector attested for domain / sub-domain 2.2 and project manager with more than 25 years of experience in civil engineering, Silviu is in charge both with organization, coordination and control of the activities on site, and the follow up the quality works to meet the provisions of the technical specifications.See more →