Project management

The key to a successful project is an excellent planning and management of resources. We adopt a proactive approach to deliver quality within the expected time frame, while respecting budget constrains

Construction management

We manage all technical and administrative aspects of a project, from idea to completion. We work in partnership with our clients, with other partners and the supply chain, always focusing on the best possible outcomes.

Cost management

We oversee the entire cost management process, from planning and projecting to reporting and finding solutions for cash flow improvement and cost saving.

Commercial management

We undertake Contract negotiation striving for a fair and balanced contractual relationship between the Client and Contractors and subsequently supervise the progress of these Contracts.

Site inspector services

We offer a realistic assessment of the works, ensuring procedures, materials and documents comply with plans and specifications in line with applicable norms.

Health and safety services

We deliver efficient safety and health management systems that preserve a safe work environment in the construction sites.